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Water Polishing

Clearflow Group Inc. has unique and advanced solutions for your dewatering needs. With patented leading edge technology, our products will reduce your projects costs and reduce the overall carbon footprint with passive in-situ applications. Clearflow’s products are easy to use and do not over complicate your project.

Our Solutions

Clearflow Gel Flocculant

Clearflow has eliminated the need for the high priced traditional flocculation system. Because we blend and age and package our flocculant at our facilities, it comes in a ready state form. Use it right out of the box. Simply install the gel block flocculant in-situ and after a brief hydration period, the block is fully active. The gel block uses flow dynamics along with particle size, shape, and density to release or strip flocculant. It is a passive process, completely self dosing and self-limiting, dependent only on the characteristics of the water flowing around the block. Use it right out of the box.


Clearflow PR1000
(up to 1000 GPM)

The Cyclone Reactor System is a flow-through reactor engineered to release ready-state Clearflow polymer into the water within the Cyclone chamber. The Cyclone chamber accelerates Clearflow release utilizing induced vortex energy; this enables treatment of higher flow rates in a smaller footprint.  Upon flow release from the Cyclone chamber, the flocculated solids aggregate based on reduced flow energy and induced cyclonic flow.

The primary application is TSS removal from mining runoff and process water, stormwater, municipalities, and construction sites.  Cyclone reactor hookup is easy using the 6” ANSI 150 flanged connection, no extra power is needed other than the flow from the on-site pump. The design flow rate through the Cyclone is 400 – 1000 US GPM.

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Clearflow PR300

(up to 300 GPM)

Rapid reduction of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) / Nephelometric Turbidity Unit (NTU’s) is achieved using a flow through Pipe Reactor and Clearflow Gel Flocculants. Particulate laden water passes around the block inside the reactor inducing stripping from the ready state flocculant. In this passive system, no costly make down or chemical pumps are required as the reaction is completely self-dosing and self limiting. Use in conjunction with Clearflow’s Treated GeoJute for a complete and simple solids removal solution.


Floating Polishing Curtain

(from 100 to 300 GPM)

Designed as a final polishing step, Clearflow’s patent pending Floating Polishing Curtain removes ultra fine TSS particulate, ensuring safe release of water to the environment. Containing all natural jute material treated with Water Lynx Flocculant, thousands of small fibers provide attachment points as water passes through the floating curtain.

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