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Clearflow Treated Soil Stabilization Fabric

Clearflow Treated Soil Stabilization Fabric​ has three applications:

 - An erosion inhibitor on steeper slopes, reducing the potential for     surface erosion
 - A screening process, preventing fine particulates from entering the stream and collecting those particulates already in the stream. 
 - As a final polishing agent, collecting the fines that are still in suspension after primary treatment.

Steep Slopes:

Steep slopes present particular erosion control problems. Soil erosion of sections protected by slope reduced the erosion by 54% where as jute geo textile reduced erosion by 99% compared with the bare slope. (Source: Wolverhampton University study, Dr. David Mitchell)


Solutions to Erosion Control Problems:

 - Easy and economical to install
 - Totally biodegradable within 3 years
 - Highly absorbent -up to five times its own weight in water
 - Helps prevent undercutting
 - Protects wildlife
 - Acts as a soil nutrient -puts back two tons of rich organic matter per acre
 - Accepts hydroseeding before AND after installation
 - Open weave construction allows overseeding after installation and after initial vegetation is established
 - Ideal for bio-engineering applications
 - Applicable to all climates and soil conditions
 - Has been successfully used on slopes up to 1:1
 - Anchored with staples/sol

Treated Geojute Characteristics: 

 - Meet or exceed ASTMD 4595 Standards
 - Treated, natural woven jute
 - natural fiber construction
 - Fully biodegradable lay and stay
 - Leno weave
 - 4’ wide by 225’ long rolls
 - Manage water velocities of up to 8ft/sec and Shear test of .45lbs/ft2

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