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Soil Lynx Granular

Soil Pile Stabilizer

Soil Lynx is an environmentally friendly soil stabilizer that adheres to soil protecting the surface from shear and washouts. Sunlight, heat and moisture are able to reach the soil providing the required elements for germination. Up to 25% more moisture is retained while seed and soil are kept in place and growth enhanced. Rills and washouts can be virtually eliminated when Soil Lynx is combined with Clearflow’s all-natural leno weave Treated Soil Stabilization Fabric. This combination is placed in the most vulnerable areas i.e. swales, ditches and crowns, to provide soft armouring and seed microsites. Saving cost and installation time vs. traditional matting techniques.






 - Easy application. Mix with seed.
- Improved growth rate.
- Enhanced moisture retention.
- Soil stabilization, cleaner sheet flow.
- Replace mulch with hydro-seeding.
- Low shipping, handling and storage costs.
- Environmentally friendly. 
- 30% greater porosity vs. tackifiers


Soil Lynx is typically applied by hand in a dry form or a variety of manual, electric (quad- and truck-mounted) broadcast spreaders. Soil Lynx can also be mixed with water and applied with agitator-equipped water trucks, hydroseeding units, and/or standard pump and spray nozzles.

   1. Soil Lynx once activated with water, binds with the soil, creating a porous layer that allows more water and air            to penetrate while reducing erosion.

   2. Soil Lynx’s binding process allows it to retain water and hold seed and fertilizer in place.



Other Uses: 

Hydroseeding                  7 kg pail                      3000 US Gal                      Replaces Mulch

Seeds and Spreaders: 

Clearflow’s Soil Lynx Granular products have been proven to enhance seed germination and growth.

Our setups can be fully customized. Contact us today to learn more about our spreaders and application products.

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