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Erosion & Sediment Control

Whether its in a landscaping site, mine, construction site or natural habitat  –  soil erosion is not only costly to repair, but it is detrimental to the environment. Clearflow has developed easy to use, budget friendly and environmentally safe products for every need.  

Our Solutions

Soil Lynx

Soil Lynx is an environmentally friendly soil stabilizer that adheres to soil protecting the surface from shear and wash outs. Sunlight, heat and moisture are able to reach the soil providing the required elements for germination. Up to 25% more moisture is retained while seed and soil are kept in place and growth enhanced. Rills and washouts can be virtually eliminated when Soil Lynx is combined with Clearflow’s all natural leno weave Treated Soil Stabilization Fabric. This combination is placed in the most  vulnerable areas i.e. swales, ditches and crowns, to provide soft armoring and seed  micro sites. Saving cost and installation time vs. traditional matting techniques.


Clearflow Silt Collection Mat

Clearflow Silt Collection Mats are fully biodegradable, with correct permissions can be seeded and left on site, creating an environmental enhancement and avoiding disposal costs.

Clearflow Silt Collection Mats capture over 40kg of sediment per mat.


Clearflow Treated Soil Stabilization Fabric

Clearflow Treated Soil Stabilization Fabric​ has three applications:

- An erosion inhibitor on steeper slopes, reducing the potential for surface erosion
- A screening process, preventing fine particulates from entering the stream and collecting those particulates already in the stream. 
- As a final polishing agent, collecting the fines that are still in suspension after primary treatment.

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