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Clearflow Liquid Polymers

Clearflow Liquid is Clearflow’s solution to water situations where the water chemistry requires a more active treatment. Our Clearflow Liquids can come in both anionic and cationic forms. 

Depending on the customer’s needs, products can be delivered ranging in size—from pails to 1000-litre totes to tanker trucks.
 - Clearflow Liquid polymers were designed specifically for industries that deals with extremely high sediment loads, flow volumes, velocities and cold water temperatures.
 - Clearflow Liquid polymers is highly efficient at removing such forms of TSS Maximum efficiency can be achieved through the use of liquid polymers in conjunction with appropriate water management designs.
 - For large volumes of water, a series of collection ponds and transfer ditches are
utilized, and water treatment is conducted in liquid floc stations
 - Clearflow Liquid polymers can be dosed through the use of a liquid or dry floc station. The appropriate dose can be determined within Clearflow’s lab based on site samples provided by clients.
 - Clearflow Liquid polymers reduces the amount of heavy metals, PCBs, organics, phosphorus and other nutrients in run off water by grabbing the silt and clay particles that these are attached to causing them to settle out.

Clearflow Emulsion Flocculant

Clearflow Emulsion Flocculant is an anionic water soluble polymer that is used as a flocculating and coagulating agent in municipal, industrial, and wastewater treatment. It is also a stable water in oil suspension that contains a much higher concentration of flocculant that can be dissolved in water. It requires less preparation time than a granular product.


 -  Total Suspended Solids reduction and removal
 - Sediment control for large volumes of water conducted in liquid floc stations
 - Sediment control for high solid loading
 - Heavy metal, PCBs, organic, phosphorus and other nutrients reduction
 - Increase water quality
 - Faster solubility than granular products
 - Liquid with comparably low bulk viscosity
 - Environmentally friendly

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