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Water and streams are vital to the health of Indigenous peoples in Canada, both physically and spiritually. The stresses of human development have compromised the quality of many water systems today. For many Indigenous people, the degradation of the land has a negative impact on their health and way of life, with few advantages to compensate for.



As a national and Indigenous owned organization, Clearflow Group Inc honours and acknowledges the traditional and ancestral territories of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples across the country. We recognize the diversity of Indigenous peoples and communities coast to coast, including over 600 First Nations Communities, four Inuit Nunangat regions comprised of 53 Inuit communities, Metis Nations, settlements and regions, Treaties 1-11, 25 modern treaties, and all unceded territories. 


We respect the historic and current relationship Indigenous peoples have to the land on which we reside. We are committed to collaborating and establishing respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples by striving to practice reconciliation in our everyday lives, communities, and workplaces. We encourage you to take part in learning the local Indigenous history of the land on which you reside. 

Our collaborations with Indigenous communities are based on a belief in providing opportunity and prosperity for Indigenous people, businesses, and communities.


Capacity Building

Community Investment


Commitment To Environment

We have worked with our partners to invest in their communities on several fronts. Whether it’s collaborating on industry training, participating in community events, or funding needed infrastructure, we are striving to create a positive lasting impact in the regions where we work and live. Guided all the while by our combined commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

We hope to bring Indigenous communities and companies to the table on green initiatives that touch our lives through our collaborations and our Aboriginally owned enterprise. Engaging all stakeholders and ensuring they have a voice and a chance to participate is crucial to the success of any initiative.

Our Partners

Creating meaningful connections 

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