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Clearflow Granular Flocculant

Clearflow Granular Flocculant is an environmentally friendly product used to remove suspended solids in water through flocculation. Through removal of suspended solids, other contaminants are also removed which includes nutrients, metals, and other contaminants. The Clearflow Granular Flocculant is also suitable for use with high volumetric flows and high solid loads where other products cannot dose fast enough. The products are predominantly white granular material, shipped in easy to handle, reusable plastic pails or 25 kg dry bags. The powders has no odor, cannot harm aquatic or land based animals and actually assists in vegetative growth and revegetation applications.



 - High concentration of active ingredients per mass (100%)
 - Lowest shipping cost per mass of active ingredients
 - Long shelf life
 - Very low toxicity (anionic products)
 - Improves water quality
 - Improves water clarity

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