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Clearflow Gel Flocculant

Passive TSS/NTU & Metal Reduction Nutrients

Clearflow has eliminated the need for the high priced traditional flocculation system. Because we blend, age and package our flocculant at our facilities, it comes in a ready state form. Use it right out of the box. Simply install the gel block flocculant in-situ and after a brief hydration period, the block is fully active. The gel block uses flow energy along with particle size, shape, and density to release or strip flocculant. 

The Clearflow Gel require flow to release flocculant. The velocity for optimal performance should be between 0.3m/s (1 foot/sec) and 1.5m/s (5 feet/sec). Placing the blocks in static water will have almost no effect.  A single block can treat up to 20000 m3 (5.3 million US gallons) at 190 L/min (50 US gpm) of flow. For example, a 570 L/min (150 US gpm) flow rate with 1000 Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU’s) would require 3 WLB’s.


Solids content is limited to less than 1% or 10000 NTU’s. The blocks have an upper limit because they are self dosing. At high solids content, above 1%, the potential release rate is overcome. A liquid flocculant is then required.


Block Size:

9 (L) x 5 (W) x 2.5" (H)


1 block will typically treat 20,000 m3of sediment-laden water. Variables affecting performance include water temperature, flow velocity, sediment load, and system design.Typical design configurations are calculated using 1 Water Lynx Block for every 50 to 100 gpm of flow.


For optimal use, ensure the Water Lynx Block is fully immersed in water so the maximum surface area is available to passing sediment-laden water. Where possible, small stands may be used to ensure bottom is not immersed in the sediment.


  • In place situ-natural creeks and constructed ditches, to remove suspended and dissolved materials / metals. In constructed baffle grids, using rock checks, rock baffles, sandbags or standard construction materials –wood, concrete, metal, large plastic pipe, ½ pipes etc.

  • Pumped flows using Pipe Reactors systems.

  • In ponds when used in conjunction with appropriate mixing devices such as aeration or fountain equipment and or waterfall designs.Design criteria should include the use of geo-jute to act as sediment-collection and final polishing of dischargewater.


Block will need to be in water for at least 30 min. to allow for proper hydration of the block


Why It Works So Well:

 - Passive In-situ treatment
 - Broad pH range 3-12
 - Wide temperature span 4-100°C
 - Easily stored
 - Environmentally safe
 - Self-dosing — Self limiting
 - Eliminates Makedown and dosing equipment
 - Reduces TSS/NTUs, Metals

Fish Safe Verified:

Extensive 3rd party testing with the University of Alberta and the National Research Council of Canada has proven the Aquatic safety of our Gel Flocculant Technology. Eliminating accidental overdose and neutralization of the harmful effects of Cationic Flocculants.

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