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Clearflow PR1000

The Cyclone Reactor System is a flow-through reactor engineered to release ready-state Clearflow polymer into the water within the Cyclone chamber. The Cyclone chamber accelerates Water Lynx release utilizing induced vortex energy; this enables treatment of higher flow rates in a smaller footprint.  Upon flow release from the Cyclone chamber, the flocculated solids aggregate based on reduced flow energy and induced cyclonic flow.

The primary application is TSS removal from mining runoff and process water, stormwater, municipalities, and construction sites.  Cyclone reactor hookup is easy using the 6” ANSI 150 flanged connection, no extra power is needed other than the flow from the on-site pump. The design flow rate through the Cyclone is 400 – 1000 US GPM.

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Latest in Advanced Technology for High Rate TSS Reduction:

 - Uses our patented Clearflow flocculants
 - Plug and play installation
 - Passive treatment
 - Small footprint
 - In-line install treats water using pump energy
 - Self-dosing/self-limiting


 - Flocculates Total Suspended Solids for easy removal
 - High flow rate, up to 1000 US GPM
 - Stainless steel construction
 - Effective over wide ranges of pH and temperature
 - Additional injection points for other chemistry (liquid flocculants and pH adjustment)

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